David Belbin

Amazon #1 bestselling author, published in more than 25 languages

Nottingham-based David Belbin began his career by writing Young Adult Fiction, where his work is known for breaking boundaries and dealing responsibly with difficult social issues that affect teenagers. His work has been translated into more than twenty-five languages. He had one of the world’s first author websites (since 2000) and was an early user of Twitter, joining in 2007. He has written several comics on social issues for UNICEF including ‘Cry Me A River’, about globalisation. His 2015 contribution to the Dawn of The Unread[8] graphic stories series, ‘Shelves’, is about his friendship with the novelist Stanley Middleton and the Nottingham novel. In 2011, Belbin began publishing a series of adult Nottingham-based novels about crime and politics, the Amazon #1 bestseller Bone And Cane, which follows a New Labour MP, Sarah Bone, and her ex-lover, convicted cannabis producer, Nick Cane, from 1997 onwards. The second novel in the sequence, What You Don’t Know appeared in 2012. The same year saw his novel Student, which chronicles the undergraduate years of a young woman in Nottingham and has been described as belonging to the emerging new-adult fiction genre. The latest Bone and Cane novel, The Great Deception (Freight Books), appeared in 2015. His short story collection, Provenance appeared in 2016.


Books by David Belbin

ProvenanceGreat Deceptionwhat you don't knowBone and CaneStudentThe Pretender


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