Donna Moore

“Winner of the Lefty Award for humorous crime fiction”

Donna Moore is an award-winning novelist, as well as writing short stories and screenplays. Her short fiction has been published in various anthologies both in the UK and the US and she has had two novels published here and in the US. After several visits to teach creative writing in yup’ik schools in tiny villages in the Alaskan Bush, she is now Writer in Virtual Residence for the Kuspuk School District. She also teaches creative writing closer to home and has led several creative writing workshop groups, including two years spent with a group for blind and partially sighted writers and has experience of working with writers from eight to eighty. She has a Masters degree in Community Learning Development and works as an adult literacies tutor and development worker. In addition, she co-hosts the annual crime fiction convention CrimeFest.


Books by Donna Moore

Old DogsGo To Helena Handbasket


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