Ian Plenderleith

Ian Plenderleith is a Frankfurt-based writer whose latest book, The Quiet Fan, is a memoir about – among many other things – death, divorce, swearing, hope, despair and Lincolnshire, in no particular order. He is also the author of the football short story collection For Whom The Ball Rolls, and the non-fiction Rock n Roll Soccer: The Short Life and Fast Times of the North American Soccer League, written at the end of a 15-year stint in Washington DC.

A lifelong football fan, player and coach, he also writes a weekly blog, Referees Tales, about how much he enjoys receiving non-stop abuse for his unconscionable attempts at refereeing in the German amateur leagues.

His non-football writing includes several published short stories and a smattering of competition second prizes and ‘near-misses’ – the latest, Last Day at the Archive, was short-listed for the Scottish Arts Trust 2019 Short Story Award, and will be published in the competition’s next anthology, due out in 2020.




Books by Ian Plenderleith

Rock n Roll SoccerThe Quiet Fan


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