John Ironmonger

Shortlisted for the Costa First Novel Award 2012

A man trying to record every memory he’s ever had; a woman whose life is filled with coincidences that are off the scale; and – according to Elle magazine – an impossible feat, “a heart-warming dystopia”, John Ironmonger’s three novels reveal him to be one of the most beguiling writers working today.

John was born in Nairobi, Kenya, and studied as a Zoologist at Nottingham and Liverpool universities. His PhD thesis was a riveting study on the ecology of freshwater leeches. He lectured for a short while before taking up a career in healthcare computing in the UK.

His wife Sue is a former RSPCA farm assessor and former council member of Chester Zoo. The couple believe they may be the only living Europeans to have seen a Javan rhino with a calf. They live in the north west of England, have two children and now two grand children.


Books by John Ironmonger

The Notable Brain of Maximilian PonderThe Coincidence AuthorityNot Forgetting the Whale


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