john quin

John Quin was born in Glasgow. He trained in medicine there and qualified as a doctor in 1983. He works as a consultant physician specialising in diabetes and endocrinology. He has been writing about art, books and music for more than twenty years for publications including ArtReview, frieze, The Quietus, Tagesspiegel, The Wire, the BMJ, The Lancet and the Guardian.

Full of uplifting and inspiring stories of human frailty, Dr Quin, Medicine Man is told with persistent hope in the face of real catastrophe. This book will make you cry hot tears at the tragedies physicians face daily. But those days could be uproariously funny too. 

With all the messy hells and smells of ward life, the joys and rewards of getting a diagnosis right, the disaster of getting it wrong, Dr Quin, Medicine Man is an acute insight into hospital life which also captures the farcical frustrations and tensions of working in a chronically underfunded system.

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