Lexie Williamson

Lexie is a health and fitness writer, yoga instructor and the author of the Bloomsbury books Yoga for Runners, Yoga for Cyclists and The Stretching Bible.

As both a yoga teacher (British Wheel of Yoga and Yoga Sports Science®) and keen cyclist, Lexie wanted to produce functional, sport-specific yoga guides that appealed equally to men and women.

The resulting manuals Yoga for Runners and Yoga for Cyclists, published in 2013, proved popular in both sports sectors. Editions of the books have been printed in Spanish, Italian, German and Mandarin.

In 2017 Bloomsbury published Lexie’s one-stop guide The Stretching Bible. The reference guide features over 80 stretching routines, and warm-up and cool-down stretches for 20 sports from American football to weight training.

A former business magazine editor (Haymarket Publishing) Lexie has written for many magazines including Cycling Weekly, OM, Runner’s World, Outdoor Fitness, Cycling Plus, Trail Runner and the U.S title Triathlon. She has also contributed online to The Guardian and Gaia.com.

As a yoga-for-sport specialist, Lexie’s clients have included pistol shooters, sprinters, tennis players and golfers. However, the majority of her clients are endurance athletes, especially triathletes, runners and riders.

A former student of sports science and anatomy and physiology, Lexie also teaches anatomy and physiology to groups of British Wheel of Yoga trainee teachers.

Books by Lexie Williamson

Yoga for cyclistsYoga for runnersThe Stretching Bible


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