Steve Finbow

“This book will throttle you, but as any masochist will tell you, the bruises are ultimately worth it. I haven’t felt as unsettled by a book since Martin Amis’s Other People.”—Bookmunch on Balzac Of The Badlands

Steve Finbow once worked for Allen Ginsberg, he has been a lecturer in the UK and South Africa, a journalist for The Japan Times, a writer for Quarantine theatre company and writer in residence at The Function Room, London. His work appears in many international anthologies and journals. His non-fiction includes Notes From The Sick Room and Grave Desire: A Cultural History of Necrophilia, while his fiction includes Balzac Of The Badlands, Down Among The Dead and Nothing Matters.


Books by Steve Finbow

Balzac of the BadlandsNothing MattersGrave DesireNotes From The Sick Room


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