Vicki Beeby

Vicki Beeby writes historical fiction about the friendships and loves of service women brought together by the Second World War.

Her war time saga, The Ops Rooms Girls, follows working class Evie Bishop as she joins the Women’s Auxiliary Air Force as an Ops Room plotter, and befriends shy, awkward May and flirty, glamorous Jess. Faced with earning the approval of strict officers and finding their way in a male-dominated world, the three girls band together to overcome challenges, navigate new romances and keep their pilots safe in the skies.

A second book, Christmas with the Ops Room Girls followed in September 2020, with a third book in the ‘The Women’s Auxiliary Air Force’ series to follow in early 2021. She is published by Canelo.

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Represented at The North Literary Agency by Lina Langlee.